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Electronic Translations of Thinking in Java/C++

(Click here for translations in print)

In my contract with the publisher, I maintain all electronic publishing rights to the book, including translation into foreign languages. This means that the publisher still handles negotiations for translations that are printed (and I have nothing directly to do with that) but I may grant translation rights for electronic versions of the book.

I have been granting such rights for "open-source" style translation projects. (Note that I still maintain the copyright on my material.) That is:

  • You must provide a web site or other medium whereby people may participate in the project (two easy possibilities are or
  • You must maintain a downloadable version of the partially or fully translated version of the book.
  • Someone must be responsible for the organization of the translation (I cannot be actively involved — I don't have the time).
  • There should only be one language translation project for each book. We don't have the resources for a fork.
  • As in an open-source project, there must be a way to pass responsibility to someone else if the first person becomes too busy.
  • The book must be freely distributable.
  • The book may be mirrored on other sites.
  • Names of the translators should be included in the translated book.

Thinking in C++


Thinking in Java

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