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Thinking in Python

You can download the current version of Thinking in Python here. This includes the BackTalk comment collection system that I built in Zope.

The page describing this project is here.

The current version of the book is 0.1. This is a preliminary release; please note that not all the chapters in the book have been translated.

The source code is in the download package. When you unzip everything (remember to use the -a flag if you're on Unix), the code will be put into subdirectories for each chapter.

This is not an introductory Python book. This book assumes you've learned the basics of Python elsewhere. I personally like Learning Python by Lutz & Ascher, from O'Reilly. Although it does not cover all the Python 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 features that I use in this book, most books don't at this point.

However, Learning Python is not exactly a beginning programmer's book, either (although it's possible if you're dedicated). If you're just getting started with programming you might try the free, downloadable A Byte of Python.

Revision History

  • Revision 0.1.2, December 31 2001. Added the introductory Python material from Thinking in Patterns as a start on the "Quick Introduction to Python" chapter.

  • Revision 0.1.1, December 29 2001. Added the preliminary PythonCard version of BoxObserver. Added and

  • Revision 0.1, December 25 2001. Initial release; a somewhat straightforward partial translation of Thinking in Patterns. Several of the chapters have had no translation at all. This is the basis of my tutorial at the 10th International Python Conference, coming up in February in Washington DC.

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