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Some Kind of Event:
Web Frameworks Jam
July 18-21 in Crested Butte

Price 500$

The transformation of the former "Thinking in Java Conference"

The original "Thinking in Java Conference" only had two signups after over a month, so I decided that such a general conference was ill-considered: perhaps it's simply because it competes with Java One, No Fluff Just Stuff, Colorado Software Summit, etc.; the general Java conference space may be filled. Also, it was too vague; the conference topic needs to be focused and unique and not served elsewhere.

If I didn't have failures, I wouldn't be taking risks.

It turns out that one or two people from the Programming the New Web conference were wanting to come back out to Crested Butte (already), but hadn't mentioned it. So all the people who had registered started brainstorming about ideas that might fit a small number of people better, and still be a lot of fun.

The result is the Web Framworks Jam.

There are lots of web frameworks out there vying for our attention, and it's very hard to know how they compare and contrast. So during this four-day period we'll immerse ourselves in the web frameworks of our choice, build systems, and compare our experiences.

Note that there will be no formal lectures or presentations. This is an exploratory workshop, and the frameworks covered will only be the ones chosen by the attendees.

We'll divide up into groups according to the framework that each group is interested in. Ideally, we'll build the same system for all the experiments, to make it easier to compare and contrast. A group might even be able to work on more than one framework if they finish the first one quickly.

Example projects might be:

Ideally, we will be able push the limits a little so that (for example) a framework like Rails is stretched outside of its normal boundaries.

The frameworks could include any that you are interested in, regardless of language. It doesn't even have to be a formal framework; for example, PHP has frameworks, but you could argue that PHP by itself is a kind of web framework. Possibilities include (but are not limited to):

At the end it would be nice (if we have time) to create a quick-and-dirty eSeminar (using the Flash framework I created for Thinking in C) where we present our findings, so that others can benefit from our experience. For those of you that have to write trip reports, this might suffice.

The four-day event will also include hiking and barbeques.

PS: Barry (who is signed up to come) has suggested the tagline: "The 'It Thing' for postmodern developers who think life is too short to attend JavaOne(TM)."

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