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Interviews with Bruce Eckel

November 2003 Jason Bell interviews me for Java Developer's Journal (requires signup).

July 2003 You can find the installments of Bill Venner's interview with me at

July, 2003 Interview on Borland Community, long and full of detail.

An interview on the InformIT web site is here. You can read it in raw form here.

July 31, 2001. MP3 Audio Introduction to Orlando JUG meeting on Patterns A "remote introduction" that I did for Mike Levin's presentation at the Orlando Java User's Group. An interesting experiment that worked pretty well.

June 8, 2001 JavaWorld Interview

Interview at the Python9 Conference:

Here are RealVideo interviews by Philippe Lourier of Dr. Dobb's TechNetcast (

At SD 98 East, August 1998 in Washington DC

On Dr. Dobb's TechNetCast May 1 1998

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