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News, Notes, and FAQs

Additional information can be found on the calendar.

Go directly to FAQs.

The first revision of the Third edition of Thinking in Java is up here.

Article about the Design Patterns in Python talk that I gave at the SD conference, here.

Thinking in Python alpha revision 0.1.2 now available here.

Galaxy pictures.

Really funny Japanese shoot-from-the-hip English.

Software Development Conference in San Jose this Spring; here are the descriptions of my talks.

Funny animated 'Pong' drama here.

Solution Guide for Thinking in Java finally available! (11/26/01). It took over 1.5 months, pretty much full-time. Find out more and order it here.

TIJ in Polish Hot off the presses (11/27/01), Thinking in Java, edycja polska.

Great revolutionary reading. Why the commercial J2EE companies don't mention JBoss, "the most downloaded J2EE web server in the world." Wherein we see some of the big benefits (and threats to conventional companies) of open source:

I've started a discussion: Does Java Need Checked Exceptions? here, using a new comment collection tool I created in Zope.
here for more insights as to why the solution guide is not part of the book.

I think I was feeling a bit distant from it all, high in the Rockies here in the middle of the country. With the following message, I feel like there are little pieces of me at the bottom of the former twin towers.

Hi Bruce,

I attended your "Thinking in Java" seminar during the summer of 2000 at Crested Butte. At the end of the seminar you autographed my copy of the book and that Book was my constant companion. Well, I happened to be working at 1 World Trade Center on Sep 11 and unfortunately that book went down with the building. I made it out in one piece but unfortunately many others did not. Just thought I would let you know that a piece of your handiwork as it at the bottom of those ruins. The six degrees of separation are indeed true. I will go on with life and purchase a new copy of the book. Now about that autograph, will have to wait to take your next course....I know at least three copies of your book from my group of 40 people are in there.

Hector Miranda.

An interview on the InformIT web site is here. You can read it in raw form here.

You can download the 8-minute audio MP3 file which is an introduction to the Orlando JUG meeting on Patterns here. This is a "remote introduction" that I did for Mike Levin's presentation at the Orlando Java User's Group. An interesting experiment that worked pretty well.

Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition wins the JavaWorld Editor's choice award for best Java book. Here's the story. Here's an interview they did.

The story behind the cover of Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition can be found here.

May 9: My interview from the Python 9 conference is now available at TechNetCast.

Too funny a graphic commentary on Windows. The last one, albeit rude, brought tears to my eyes from laughing.

This site has been converted to Zope. Even for the basic things that I've been doing so far, it's already much easier. I expect significantly improved productivity in site development for the future (as I continue to learn more about Zope).

The keynote at the Python9 Conference went very well and was a lot of fun. It was videotaped, along with an interview with me, and will eventually be posted on Dr. Dobb's TechNetCast. I'll post a URL when it's ready. here is some coverage of my keynote.

A mention in an article on Python and Zope in SD Times.

Discussion group/error reporting forum for Thinking in Patterns on Topica.

Thinking in Java recieves JavaWorld Reader's Choice Award for best book. (3/20/2000) I'm happy about this, as I consider JavaWorld a very good magazine. See the announcement article for details.

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